Hard Coated Reflective
Low-E Tempered
Double Glazing
Low-E Coated
double glazing glass
DOUBLE GLAZING GLASS is made up of 2 or more pieces of glass with hollow aluminium tube inserted inside; the hollow aluminium pipes are filled with desiccant and drying gases, or inert gases and the tube are undergone air-proof processing with butyl, assembly-sulfur or structural silicon.
performances and advantages
»Good heat insulation performance so as to keep the room comfort.
»Reduce the bad phenomenon resulted from the temperature difference between the inside and outside.
»Insert with decoration item for decoration use.
»Low energy consumption - especially when Low-E and Solar-E glass are used for insulating.
»Comfortable indoor environment.
»Dew condensation prevention and noise insulation.
»The heat and sound insulating effects could be further improved if argon or other inertia gases are filled between the glasses.
»Office building, hospitals, hotels need with exceptionally high heating or cooling.
»Building need the temperature and humidity strictly controlled such as telephone exchanges, laboratories.
»Airport control towers, trains windows, and other environments where need regulated atmosphere and prevention of condensation.
Maximum Dimension: 2440 x 5000mm
Minimum Dimension: 100 x 100mm
Thickness: 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm
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